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I'm completely hooked to my phone. I keep meaning to put it down, but when I look again, there it is! In my hand! Open to Instagram! Before I know it, hours have passed this way. Days and weeks zip by, and the next thing I know I'm writing a new number for the year.

Everything seems to be happening so fast these days, and it's hard to make time to slow down. Our kids and pets are growing up, milestones come and go, and all we have to show for it is an iCloud drive full (and I mean FULL) of photos. Sometimes great photos, sometimes just lots of near-misses. Like a four generations shot where no one is looking at the camera, or the blurry one of the dog doing her famous trick. And then there are the photos we don't take because we forget to amid the chaos, like the family portrait in front of the new house. Or the moments that seem so ordinary, it doesn't even occur to us to get out the camera, like the nightly family dance party in the kitchen.

What I do is take those moments and immortalize them in custom watercolor illustrations. I love connecting with clients, discussing ideas, loved ones, special places and times, and then working with them to plan the perfect memento to capture them in a painting. Each new painting is special and exciting to me, and I go above and beyond for my clients to make their portraits really special.

When you place your order, I will work with you to take a few of those photos you have on your phone or in your feed, and together we will make time slow down just a bit as we discuss your unique ideas and come up with a plan. I will send you a sketch of our plan, and we can talk more about any changes you'd like. From there I ink your painting using a Japanese calligraphy brush and ink, and then paint with high-quality watercolor paints on thick archival paper.

The whole process takes about a month, as each painting is truly a custom piece of art. Order yours today, and while you're here, check out my ready-to-ship cards and prints!

I truly appreciate each order and inquiry I receive! Thank you for helping shape this part of my story!


Reenie Sue


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