Posed Portraits

Signature clothing items, expressions, poses, and objects really make these classic portraits unique. Whether the background is a simple, dreamy watercolor wash, or a detailed specific location, a posed portrait always looks great.



Posed portraits are classic, but I can also capture you doing your favorite activity! Don't have photos of this activity? No problem! I can use my imagination and your feedback to recreate the scene.

Elodie Farm Family

Detailed Backgrounds

Setting your portrait in a favorite location, new house, old house, vacation spot, etc. takes it to a new level!

Bales family

Subjects Won't Stay Still?

No problem! I can take that almost-perfect photo op and make it just right. You'd never guess that these perfectly posed children and dogs couldn't actually sit this still in real life, would you? I can even add in people who weren't there! Magic.



Who says your portrait needs to be based in reality? Does your family love to pretend? Do you have favorite fictional characters you'd love to cosplay as for your painting? I can make it happen! These are some of my favorites to do!

Pretty Kitty

Pet Portraits!

All of the above works the same for the pets! Detailed or simple background, posed or in action, realistic or fantasy, the possibilities are endless!



I paint my portraits in either 5x7" or 8x10". Remember that if you frame your painting with a mat, you'll size up one size, so a 5x7" portrait frames in an 8x10" frame with a mat. Detailed portraits usually require more space, so it's better to size up.


The Process

Once you've placed your order, I will email you to begin the process. First we will discuss what you have in mind, share ideas, and you will send me a few reference photos. Then I will sketch out the general idea of the portrait and send it to you for feedback. I can make all sorts of adjustments until it's just right. At that point I'll begin the final draft. The entire process takes about four weeks.